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Four-wheel drive from Volkswagen.
More grip when you need it

A four-wheel-drive system provides extra reserves of traction and gives a reassuring sense of safety, even in adverse weather conditions or on treacherous road surfaces. The system ensures superior handling stability, excellent straight-line running, plus optimum stability in crosswinds.

Technology and how it works

At the heart of the four-wheel-drive system is an interaxle differential, whose design varies depending on the particular system. The differential’s task is to distribute the drive forces variably between the front and rear axle. If there is a difference in the rotational speeds at the two axles, caused by the wheels on one axle spinning on a slippery or loose surface, for instance, the system will split drive torque accordingly between the axles.

At the same time, however, the smaller differences in rotational speed which occur when cornering or manoeuvring must be balanced out to prevent torsional stresses in the drive train. Nor must the differential interfere with the functionality of the ESP, ASR and EDL dynamic handling control systems. In order to cater to the widely varying demands, Volkswagen offers its four-wheel-drive system in three differential variants:

  • Haldex coupling
  • Torsen differential
  • Centre differential with electronically controlled multi-plate lock
4MOTION on the Tiguan

4MOTION can also be specified in an electronically controllable variant for the Tiguan as an option: the off-road drive mode with its various assistance systems is activated at the push of a button. While the hill descent assist maintains an optimum speed on steep descents, the hill climb assist intervenes in the engine management to preserve the clutch on uphill gradients. Meanwhile, the flat throttle response characteristic allows for more precise control of the engine’s torque. Finally, the sensitive setting of the ABS system ensures an optimum braking effect on loose terrain.