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Keep your Volkswagen running like a Volkswagen.

It's worth looking after your car by carrying out regular checks, servicing and maintenance, so it always drives like new. When you use Volkswagen Service Centre, you know it's being maintained with the same high quality expertise and materials it was built with.

Service and maintenance.

No-one knows your Volkswagen better than we do and there is nowhere else that offers the full range of services your Volkswagen needs – all in one easy location. We’re not just here for annual services – we’re available all-year round to offer cost-effective routine checks and repairs, care and maintenance advice, ensuring your Volkswagen is always at its best.

Car care tips.

It is important that your vehicle gets the best possible care - always - even between services. Here are some tips on how you can contribute to the care of your Volkswagen between services, to help in keeping your Volkswagen running in peak form for longer.